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Family Heritage & Cultural Discovery Research Lectures for Students

Connect, engage and motivate students (grades 7th - 12th) about their own legacy heritage projects. Helping encourage meaningful interaction between your own family past and today, specifically in Jewish history curriculums.

In this presentation about remembering the past and inspiring the future, David Baron, discusses common challenges, research techniques and success stories that he encountered when researching his own family history, specifically the amazing career of his grandfather. 

David is an IT Manager at Johns Hopkins University and previously taught at the Carey Business School as an adjunct-faculty.  Besides co-raising his own loving family, he’s very passionate about connecting people with their own family heritage and roots by helping inspire students to experience what it means too discovery and learn about their own culture. 

David holds an MBA from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and a BS in Accounting with a concentration in Management Information Systems from Stevenson University (formerly Villa Julie College) and lecturers on his Jewish genealogical and historical research topics.

Session Duration: 1 hour | Price: Free/Honorarium | Location: Schools/Zoom

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